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Il Re Sole. The best materials for our installations.

The choice of materials is crucial for the purpose of guaranteeing an efficient and long-lasting photovoltaic system. Please find below a list of Il Re Sole’s strategic partners.
Smart inverters
Mono-phase and three-phase inverters suited to all kinds of residential roofs, from small systems to larger and higher-power systems.

Power Optimisers
They are connected to each single photovoltaic module installed on the roof so that the modules can work independently one from the other. The power optimiser provides a higher production of energy, advanced safety and constant feedback from each module.

Monitoring Platform
It offers free, real-time monitoring of performance at the module level and the possibility to carry out maintenance in remote, in order to ensure longer operating time of the system. Easily accessible from any PC or mobile device.
VARTA Storage energy storage systems are the ideal solutions for those who wish to use their self-produced energy 24 hours a day. In this way, one’s own self-consumption share can increase up to 80% and more. Hence you will really be autonomous and independent, and you will definitely save on the increases in electricity prices.
Trienergia is a manufacturer and seller of Italian latest-generation photovoltaic solar panels featuring an innovative design and able to guarantee high efficiency and better yield. Both photovoltaic modules for systems connected to the grid and stand-alone modules for island systems are available. 
Suntech develops the world’s most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions.Their goal is to achieve Grid Parity through solar energy by taking advantage of the pioneering sector of R&D. The aims to make their advanced technology available to both the single customers and to the large corporation.
Suntech is recognised at the global level as the best multinational company in its category.

The EuPD Research, the main research institute of the solar energy sector, has presented Suntech with the “PV Top Brand” award. Suntech has also received awards from the United Nations Conference on climate changes, for its contribution to environmental protection.


The right installation for you,
suited to your needs.

From small domestic installations to large industrial plants, our engineers, technicians and installers examine all details in order to develop your photovoltaic plant to measure.


It is very easy to identify the photovoltaic kit that best fits your needs so that the energy produced may contribute to savings in terms of your electricity bills.



If you have a company, a commercial activity, a tourist facility, a hotel or a restaurant, you know very well how much of an impact electricity costs have on your annual budget.



A maintenance contract is not expensive, but it was seldom offered in the past, perhaps due to the lazy installers or poor organisation by the company.

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