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Best materials and modern technology

We have choosen the best materials to offer you high tecnology at the best prize!
- European solar monophasic and triphasic converters.
- Fixing systems and components.
- High performance polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules.
- Remote controlling system for all installations.

Residential solar: invest and save money!

Thanks to our experts and to the accuracy put in every project, today installing solar panel and integrating them into your home's power grid is not only an economic advantage but also a low impact and an architectonic agreeable choise.Each detail of the project has been developed in order to get the most out of your solar system. At the present time of crisis, where the cost of energy is going to increase, investing into a photovoltaic system is a forsighted and winning choise!

INDUSTRIAL SOLAR: invest and earn money!

When you generate your own energy, you don't just save money by not having to buy that energy, but you can also get paid for the energy you produce. You don't need to make expensive building works, since the benefits come directly from spaces already present, but not utilized, such as roofs of sheds and barns. Re Sole s.r.l. will cover the whole project from the preliminary stage of engineering to the final installation. We also can help you to obtain the European fundings dedicated to these projects. We are also able to remove asbestos insulation (e.g. eternit ) wihout charge for you and replace it with photovoltaic panels. Call us and we will find the right solutio for you.

Our photovoltaic systems / solutions

Our engineers, technicians and installers will study every detail to realize the photovoltaic system that fits better your requirements, from small residential to large-scale systems.

Small residential systems. For saving money on eletricity cost.
Low- impact middle- scale systems accurately monitored.