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Our photovoltaic systems / solutions

Our engineers, technicians and installers will study every detail to realize the photovoltaic system that fits better your requirements, from small residential to large-scale systems.

Small residential systems. For saving money on eletricity cost.
Low- impact middle- scale systems accurately monitored.


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Photovoltaic cells are made from layers of semi-conductig materials, usually silicon. Groups of cells are assembled together to form panels or modules which, covered by glass and contained in an aluminium frame, can be mounted on your roof or ground. Solar photovoltaic panels need little maintenance. You 'll just need to keep the panel clean and make sure trees don't begin to overshadow them. However dust, debris, snow or bird droppings should be removed, since a dirty panel can lose from 12 to 30% of its energy power. The standard cleaning procedure is a treatment with a washing up liquid in warm water. However Il Re Sole srl has adopted with excellent results a new cleaning procedure, in which pure osmotized water is used without added chemicals: after such treatment the panels will look as bright new! ..Read More »