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Il Re Sole S.r.l.

Il Re Sole s.r.l. is a leading company in solar systems projects.

We work seriously and we have a strong belive in the renewable energies.Our staff of experts has been working from several years in projecting, installation, assistence and monitoring of small, middle and large-scale solar systems, to produce energy through the most natural renewable sourse: the sun!

RE Sole s.r.l. has obtained in 2012 the S.O.A category OG9 qualification for PV systems, which is released by AVLP exclusively to those companies, which have the necessary technological and financial requirements. From 2013 we are recognized also by COBAT accredited by GSE in order to the fulfilment of the law procedures for recovery and disposal of PVs.


We belive renewable energies and in particular PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY are very good for the environment (and for your pocket too).


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Our photovoltaic systems / solutions

Our engineers, technicians and installers will study every detail to realize the photovoltaic system that fits better your requirements, from small residential to large-scale systems.

Small residential systems. For saving money on eletricity cost.
Low- impact middle- scale systems accurately monitored.